Da Crime Click – Million Wayz To Murda LP (Red Vinyl)

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Da Crime-Click ( II Tone, Mac Montese, Yung Madness, Big Cheese, K-D & K. Redd) started with a mixtape called “Satanic Verses”. It was recorded in K. Redds bedroom. He and his brother DJ Link One had moved to Memphis from California. It wasn't a serious thing at the time just having fun. The mixtape was a hit in the hood and surrounding areas they decided to hit the studio with the help from getting in the groove management “Gouche”. At the time a studio in Memphis was the hot spot ARP Productions was where they recorded the first album “Million Wayz To Murda”.


They went to local stereo shops around Memphis with tapes selling out every week. II Tone said, “It was strange because we were just having fun and it turned into something big”. The long-awaited follow-up to the first album was delayed due to incarcerations etc. The album “Block Bleeders” was recorded in 05 but was never released.


The limited red vinyl version!




A1 Deathwish
A2 U Hoes Gone Get Kidnapped
A3 Clicked Up Makin' Stangz
A4 Lifestyle Of A Thug
A5 Smoka Blunt Or Somethin'


B1 Robbin' Spree
B2 Million Wayz To Murda Feat. Crime Click Souljaz & Lil Ramsey
B3 Lifestyles Of A Thug Radio
B4 No Remorse