Eversor - Da Dirty Dozen CD


Eversor is back! Incredible instrumental album from start to finish, all killer no filler!


"Da Dirty Dozen" is a collection of beats, some made in the late 90's and some rearranged with samples already recorded back then, stored on floppy disks and zip drives. The sounds were processed through Akai and Ensoniq models from the 90's era.


This is not your typical beat tape, but rather an instrumental album, reflecting the man's early influences by the likes of Lord Finesse, Easy Mo Bee, Marley Marl and more, as well as the sound of independent NY rap artists/groups from the late 90's.


This is the first collaboration between Hip-Hop Enterprise and Ground Beef Records. By joining forces, we provide you with high quality glass master CDs, black and yellow transparent vinyl. The CD also contains 4 bonus tracks! We also want to take care of our vinyl heads, DJ's and beatmakers, so there is an exclusive surprise for you too!


• Mixed by Eversor
• Artwork by 3rdEyeRevolution
• Digital mastering by Eversor
• Vinyl mastering by Nikos M. Michalodimitrakis
• Photography by 3rdmobb


"Da Dirty Dozen" is also going to be available on all major streaming platforms via Stay Independent.


Available variants:


🟡 100 Transparant Yellow Vinyl (HHE)
⚫ 150 Black Vinyl (HHE)
💿 175 CD’s (GBR)


Mix by man Muf Wax:






01. Grimey 'n' Gritty
02. Timbs 'n' Black Hoodies
03. ADAT Era
04. Gone Kid
05. Cold City Streets
06. Dump Drops The Ammo
07. Con Artist
08. Cold Days
09. Here Comes Trouble
10. Inside Out
11. A Spike Lee Joint
12. Lose Some, Win Some

CD Bonus Tracks:
13. Downlow
14. Blow Up The Spot
15. One Life
16. Livin' Ain't Cheap


Shipping Date: October 15, 2023.