DJ Zirk & Tha 2 Thick Family - Looken For Tha Chewin CD


A true pioneer and architect of that raw underground sound the city of Memphis, TN is famous for. Memphis Icon DJ Zirk. One of the first creating that M-Town sound and putting it on tape. His album "Looken For Tha Chewin" contains trunk rattling undergorund hits like "Lockem In Tha Trunk" & "Looken 4 Tha Chewin". Supported by features from Eightball & MJG, DJ Squeeky, Kilo G, Buckshotz and more. Including 4 Bonus Tracks. Welcome to Memphis!




01. Dirty Hoez
02. Play Them Games Wit Ya Bitch
03. Fuckem All
04. Real Niggaz
05. 9 To Ya Dome
06. Looken 4 Tha Chewin
07. Azz Out
08. Tha Funeral
09. Fuck A Hoe
10. 2 Thick
11. Head Above Tha Water
12. Layem Down
13. Lockem In Tha Trunk
14. Blame It On Da Dope
15. Shit Popz Off
16. "Player Live" Cloud 9


Shipping Date: Setember 20th, 2023