Chubb Rock, El Da Sensei, Uptown & Tufkut - Still Here 12"

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Chubb Rock, El da Sensei and Uptown drop heavy tracks each one after another on this limited edition single sided 12".
Golden Era Giants lace the vocals with Tufkut producing the backing tracks including a bonus remix of Uptown's track previously released on BIP013.


The vinyl release includes the main vocal tracks, the instrumentals and the bonus remix. The digital version, instantly available to those who've bought the vinyl, also includes the Uptown instrumental but an El Da Sensei remix and instrumental too.




1. Chubb Rock & Tuf Kut - Still Here (Vocal) 03:03
2. Chubb Rock & Tuf Kut - Still Here (Instrumental) 03:03
3. El Da Sensei & Tuf Kut - Style Talk (Vocal) 03:33
4. El Da Sensei & Tuf Kut - Style Talk (Instrumental) 03:33
5. Uptown & Tuf Kut - Recognise (Remix) (Vocal) 03:22


Shipping Date: September 5th, 2023