SMK - Ain't Nuttin Shakin Cassette

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Limited to 100 copies!


SMK is back and he's Aint Nuttin Shakin. A packed Memphis
classic with gangsta hits only. Originally released in '96 and
never before pressed on wax. Better be fast on this low down
g-rap monster from another planet.




A1 City Countdown (feat. Bullet Proof Click)
A2 Nigga Type Shit (feat. Chill)
A3 Yo! It Aint EZ
A4 B.P.P. In Yo Trunk (feat. Chill, 2 Loc, U-Wan)
A5 This Is For Da Niggaz (feat. Chill)
A6 M-Town
A7 Gettin Hooked
A8 Get Off A Niggaz Nutz
A9 Ghetto Truth
A10 All I Know
B1 Aint Nuttin Shakin (feat. Chill, Freestyle King)
B2 Dont Let Em Take
B3 Slow Down (feat. Big Fella)
B4 901 Ta 404
B5 Whos Got The Fi
B6 Gangsta Walk
B7 Mellow Break
B8 Hoes Got Me Boned
B9 Real Tada End
B10 We Do We Do


Shipping Date: August 15th, 2023