B.H.P. (Black Hole Posse) - Eastbound CD

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B.H.P. (Black Hole Posse) is a legendary Denver, Colorado based rap group which consists of AK Love and O.G. Glide. This is there album titled, "Eastbound". The production on Eastbound is superior to most albums from the late 1990's. The "Nightfall" introduction is reminiscent of a Sade sound. Other songs like "The Block", "Scrilla", "Ride With Me" and "Niggas Be Hatin'" are solid hardcore gangster tales over laid back G-Funk Rhythms. Then there's tracks with versatile lyricism over being conveyed over dark and hard hitting gangster funk beats such as "Lyrical Twist", "Is There A Place", and "Valley Of Death". Let's not forget the mob style tale song's that even the women can get with like "Ballin'" and "Lover & Friend". There's also a club banger in "All Nite". This album is full of pure dopeness for you eardrums! We highly recommend this album to all Hip Hop enthusiasts.




01. Nightfall (Intro)
02. Tha Block
03. Lover & Friend
04. Ride Wit Me
05. Eastbound
06. Valley Of Death
07. Street Life
08. N!ggas Be Hatin'
09. Scrilla No Stoppin'
10. We Run This
11. Ballin'
12. Lyrical Twist
13. All Nite
14. So Real
15. Is There A Place
16. BHP Sideshow
17. All Nite (Radio Version)


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