Maylay Sparks x Clever 1 x K Sluggah - Frozen Mugs LP




Maylay Sparks x Clever 1 x K Sluggah - Frozen Mugs LP

Frozen Mugs started out back in 2020 as a soon to be classic hip hop collaboration between "Maylay Sparks", Swedish producer “K Sluggah” and “Clever 1” (one half of “Da Buze Bruvaz”). You will experience an uncanny chemistry between these 2 high caliber emcees who are providing you with the traditional sharp, tenacious, aggressive & grimey wordplay over K Sluggah's cinematic, soulful and psychedelic beats giving the listeners a vivid picture of what goes on in these dangerous times. The hard delivery and complex word patterns are descriptive gestures of loose women, action in the streets, cocktails & cold beer guzzling. Sonically this album is honed to be a masterpiece, with owner of the newly formed label “Blacbird Recs”, and revered studio engineer Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo (Ruffhouse Recs. CEO) behind the mixing board. This is hip hop with an attitude, authentic and with no compromises!


In the midst of recording this project we experienced a severe tragedy as we lost the incomparable Malik B formerly from the Roots. The last days before his passing he recorded the verses for the album and he was supposed to record a few more as there were talks of him becoming a full fledged "Frozen Mugs" member. Sadly the talks of doing an album with Malik B on HHE never came to fruition. This project is dedicated to one of the most legendary emcees Philly ever bread and he will always be remembered as a lyrical giant. R.I.P.


All versions come with hype stickers and an insert that will include a bio on Frozen Mugs and a dedication to Malik B on the reverse side.


Available variants:


• 100 Yellow Vinyl
• 150 Black Vinyl


@rahmaylay⁠ @ksluggah⁠ clever1


Featuring⁠ @dj.tootuff⁠ @planetasiamedallions⁠
@chukkrukkuz⁠ @boogie.del.barrio⁠ @deejay_ph⁠
@briefcase_buggiano_⁠ @kenneth_masters


Mixed By @dj_joe_the_butcher_official


Mastered By @_jose_arantes_


Mockup Design By @rastaross_




1. 1st.Draught

2. Strong Arm Blizzard Feat. D.J. PH

3. Public housing Feat. DJ Too Tuff (Tuff Crew)

4. Black Renault Feat. Malik B (R.I.P.) of The Roots

5. Bionic Bourbon Feat. Chukk Rukkuz

6. Great City Interlude

7. Opera Feat. D.J. PH & Malik B (R.I.P.)

8. Dumpin! Feat. Planet Asia

9. Garment Gargantuans Feat. Rocc Spotz

10. Street Edicate Feat. Briefcase Bugg

11. Perfect Pour

12. Opera (Remix) Feat. Malik B (R.I.P.) of The Roots

13. Spoiled Wine


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Shipping Date: Late August, 2023