Da Buze Bruvaz Present Crime Cuzzinz (Him Lo & Big Nawz) – Yellow Tape And Shell Casez EP

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Da Buze Bruvaz own Him Lo, after starting the year off with a bang, collaborating with WINO WILLY, is set to switch things up slightly with his co-host BIG NAWZ, who was last heard on Da Buze Bruvaz's Drinkin Beerz wit Prostitutez LP with a rugged verse on the aptly titled track "Muscle". NAWZ is also a standout member of the legendary Kool G Rap's own BGR family.The duo has joined forces to present DA CRIME CUZZINZ and present a truly rugged project titled "YELLOW TAPE N SHELL CASEZ." This project is laced with beats from some of Grilchy Party's imperial home team sound surgeons, including Wino Willy, Lord Beatjitzu, and Giallo Point. There's also a rare beat from the elusive and unseen Claymore Beats. Joined by Clever One on a few joints the soundtrack is made to listen to while cleaning your weapons and getting ready for a big game hunt. Him Lo and NAWZ go back and forth slipping into black gloves mode for the duration. Adding to Da Buze Bruvaz already prolific output, this one is presented with those who have an appreciation for extra gutter, hardbody HipHop in mind. Extremely rough around the edges.




A1 Criminal Activitiez
Producer – Giallo Point
A2 Box Cutter Champions
Producer – Lord Beatjitzu
A3 Papi Store Robberiez
Producer – Lord Beatjitzu


B1 Valore Bathrobes
Producer – Claymore
B2 Unauthorized Weaponz
Featuring – Clever One
B3 Mayweather Defense
Producer – Wino Willy
B4 Spittin Razorz
Producer – Lord Beatjitzu