DJ 3rd Rail - Broadway Junction Station EP

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Broadway Junction is one of main transfer stations on the MTA Subway and Elevated train lines in East New York and the borough of Brooklyn. It’s where different train lines connect Brooklyn to the world. Like Broadway Junction, Subway Hip Hop Records brings together four of the best Brooklyn MCs for this limited vinyl EP:


Finsta - of "Finsta Bundy" fame- is one of the originators of the independent grimy New York boom bap 90's sound. On this EP he collaborates with DJ Direk (from Chicago) and brings the Timberland-wearing, hoodie-down ruggedness you've come to expect.


Shabaam Sahdeeq - of "Polyrhythm Addicts" fame- is another pioneer of that Brooklyn Golden Era sound. His expansive catalog of solo releases, group collaborations, and features cements his reputation as lyrical virtuouso. His contribution on this project, along with DJ Direk (from Chicago), reminds us of what makes him a legendary MC.


Napoleon Da Legend - Unquestionably, Brooklyn’s hardest working MC, with more releases, especially on vinyl, than anyone else in the last five plus years. Don't get it twisted, his output is 100% unadulterated skills, no filler. With DJ Tren (from France) on the beats, Napoleon's solo contribution is an unrelenting torrent of golden bars; he's truly in a class of his own here. On "Knife Play" he collaborates with Nejma Nefertiti over production from TherapyBeats (from Chicago) and demonstrates what happens when talented MCs go bar for bar -- Steel Sharpens Steel.


Nejma Nefertiti - The Queen from Brooklyn. Her hunger and fierce word play embarrasses Rolling Stone's Top 100 Rappers. Nejma Nefertiti's solo contribution over TherapyBeats’s (from Chicago) production brings verses inspired by "prophets and mystics.” When you hear this you're going to understand why it’s a certified classic and why we had to give it a bonus remix (featuring production by DJ 3RD RAIL and Padawan).


We are proud to bring you this arsenal of Brooklyn MCs; the next and last stop is Broadway Junction. Limited quantities available!






Napoleon Da Legend & Nejma Nefertiti - Knife Play
(Produced by TherapyBeats)

Finsta - Dwell In Da Dark Streets
(Produced by DJ Direk)

Nejma Nefertiti - Queen of Royal Badness
(Produced by TherapyBeats)




Shabaam Sahdeeq - Don’t Get Your Spot Blown Up
(Produced by DJ Direk)

Napoleon Da Legend - The Muscle Is Still Here
(Produced by DJ Tren aka StreetWyze)

Nejma Nefertiti - Queen of Royal Badness (Remix)
(Produced by DJ 3RD RAIL & Padawan)