Da Great Deity Dah - Dah-Varsity: Origins of Superhero Rap CD


This is the soundtrack to the Deity Dah video game: Dah Varsity which is available on iOS and Android.


We took the stems from the hip-hop Jazz Fusion album Chronicles of the Electromagnetic Feild General and chopped it up to make a masterpiece.




1 Dah-Varsity Intro (Superheroes Assemble)
2 Empty State (Honey Elextric Remix)
3 Elements of the Universe (Deity's Story)
4 Penetrate the Soul (Moods and Vibrations Remix)
5 Bless the Dead (Moods and Vibrations Remix)
6 Arachnoids Theme
7 Rapmatics (DJ Eskimo Mix)
8 N.A.S.A. (Moods and Vibrations Mix)
9 Radiant Energy from the Deity
10 Antidote (Moods and Vibrations Remix)
11 Rapmatics (Moods and Vibrations Remix)
12 Rapmatics II (Chronicles Remix)
13 N.A.S.A. (Astral Travel) [DJ Eskimo Remix]
14 Stop the Bullying (DJ Eskimo Remix)
15 Paradise (Utopia Mix DJ Eskimo)
16 Dapper Prologue
17 Stop the Bullying (#Hackharassment PSA)
18 Penetrate the Soul (Extended Funk Remix)
19 The Antidote (Extended Mix)
20 N.A.S.A. (Astral Travel)
21 Paradise (Mastered Extended Mix)


Shipping Date: June 19th, 2023