M.C. Mack - Chapters Of Tha Mack For Life: Greatest Hits (1993-1996) 2xLP

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Limited Edition of M.C. Mack’s classic album on Smokey Brown Translucent vinyl!




A1. Ez Come, Ez Go
A2. Victim Of Da Tone
A3. Da Thingz U Do


B1. Look Into My Eyes
B2. Letz Make A Stain
B3. Intermission & Whatz Coming


C1. Pure Anna Pt. 1
C2. All About My Hustle (‘95)
C3. Muthafuckaz Like Us


D1. Go To Church Hoe
D2. Rob Me A Bitch
D3. Break Yo Kneez (95)
D4. Set Up Hoes


Shipping Date: May 22nd, 2023