SMK - 19Nigga4 Cassette


SMK aka South Memphis King is one of the real godfathers of Memphis rap. He released his first album in 1991 and is still active today, and this is one of his early recordings. Straight bangin' underground shit for the streets of your city. Roll a blunt and enjoy the sick madness over here.


Limited to 100 copies only!




A1 Nigga Type Shit (Original Version)
A2 Who's Got the Fiah
A3 Get Off A Niggaz Nutz (Original Version)
A4 It Aint Easy
A5 Every Single Bitch
A6 Dat Bounce
B1 Just A Murdarah
B2 Yall Bitches
B3 They Can't Attack
B4 It´s Hard Being Black
B5 We Got Da Weed
B6 Suck A Nigga Dick
B7 I Want You
B8 When I Make It Rich