Roc C – Stoned Genius LP


Damien Smith known as Roc C emerged from the city north of Los Angeles, Oxnard, California where the music was dope with talented people. Roc C has put out many projects with his family from the OX. You know him from the track titled "MOVE" with Oh No and J Dilla from the Beat Junkies Sound. He also made appearences with MED, Madlib, Declaime, and the whole Loot Pack and CDP family.


Roc C is currently with his own label KashRocentertainment and has put out many albums with his recent being on KashRocent Stoned Genius and Scapegoat. Yet, never forgotten the other accomplishments that he has achieved through out his music career by releasing "All Questions Answered" LP on Stonesthrow Records in 2006.


Of course his release with IMAKEMADBEATS "Transcontinental" and many more on his belt singles, EPs, and features. Roc C is constantly going in the right direction and giving some one else the opportunity to show there talents by working with Hip Hop Real Records to achieve music that is memorable.




1. Intro 01:08
2. Stoned Genius 01:06
3. Over Broil Feat. Freeway & Oh No 03:13
4. Maniac Murders Feat. Tri-State 03:58
5. Starchild Feat. The Alchemist 02:36
6. Roses Die Feat. Raven Sorvino 03:46
7. 3 Words 03:05
8. Open Wounds 02:54
9. Knock Knock 02:51
10. Fly Kicks Feat. Termanology 02:44
11. Bar Catchers Feat. Chali 2na 03:43
12. Styllions Feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Blu 03:41
13. Outro 00:54