Payin' dues since 1992, KicDrum Products has been putting in work for over two decades. A crew of talented artists, musicians and entrepreneurs from Philly USA, KDP embodies everything that is Hip-Hop. From the ground up, basements to attics, storefronts to stages, KicDrum Products combines street music and street fashion, creating BOOM BAP hip-hop for your head and gear to rock during your daily operations. Every piece of KicDrum clothing is carefully and uniquely designed to reflect KDP’s artistic and musical tastes. Every piece of music released is created to remind you that hard Hip-Hop lives.

The beatific vision began with Drumat!c aka Drumz, artist/illustrator, producer and DJ from Philadelphia, PA. He developed the company in his garage and basement, drawing inspiration from the Hip-Hop “golden-era” of his youth, the Japanese animation and comic books that littered his bedrooms and the street art that hung as a backdrop in the streets and subways of Philadelphia, during the 80’s and 90’s. Drumz and his team--Lord Dio, LLingo Apt, Beto Chavez, Original Kaine and Walt Sicknin--are Hip-Hop, they are artists, dj’s, emcees, teachers, vinyl junkies, entrepreneurs and b-boys. They are trendsetters; they know the recipe, and thus, it doesn’t matter what time you show up to their dinner; the platter's always tasty, 'cus KicDrum Products has the Main Ingredient!